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The S215 Surf stabilizer has a lower stall to complement the SF Front Wings. Its moderate span creates an aspect ratio high enough for efficient pumping, while remaining compact for responsiveness in turns​. The minimal sweep outline improves low-speed performance and effectively reduces fuselage length compared to swept stabilizers​. Tips curve upwards to provide directional stability, inspiring confidence during takeoffs and grip in turns. ​Advanced riders seeking a looser feel may choose to remove the wingtips, using the dashed guideline graphic, to create a completely flat stabilizer with a 205cm2 area.
- Moderate span
- Medium high aspect ratio for efficient pumping
- Compact outline for responsiveness in turns
- Lower stall speed to complement SF Front Wings
- Minimal sweep outline improves low
-speed performance
- Upward curving tips provide directional stability and grip in turns
- Option to remove wingtips creating a flat loose 205cm stabilizer
Item Includes: Sonar 215 Stabilizer, Cover, 2x M8x16 CSK T40 Ti Screws

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