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The Mode Ultra is a fast and direct high-performance race wing powered by N-Xi, a new ultra-stiff, ultra-high-modulus composite canopy material by North Sails Advanced Textiles.
At North, we understand the racer’s relentless quest for speed and the pursuit of “the fastest.” We also recognize that high-intensity, high-speed wingfoiling requires more than technical prowess and fearlessness. The rider and gear must process speed and acceleration in fractions of a second. Anticipate the actions of fellow riders, the wind, and the water, trust their skills, and make quick decisions. When you are foiling at speeds in excess of 55km/h confidence is crucial.
Our engineers have fine-tuned the Mode Ultra to match a racer’s instinct and intellect. The stability and the structure of the N-Weave45 Airframe with anti-deflection Carbon UDi Tapes and N-Xi canopy are critical for resisting deformation. The stiffness translates into an extremely responsive, direct feel and unrivalled control at speed. The Mode Ultra is VMG-optimized for sailing closer to the wind on higher upwind angles. Its higher aspect ratio design, thin, low-drag profile and flatter dihedral generate forward thrust, lift and stability at a higher apparent wind speed, while its stiff airframe and canopy combination enhances the low-end performance to carry your speed through the lulls. We’ve optimised the design to enable you to upsize your wing and ride in the upper range, with confidence that the wing can depower efficiently when required, yet maintain the sail area needed to go downwind when the apparent wind speed drops.
We love racing because it teaches and entices us to flirt with danger, push our limits mentally and physically, and achieve what people never thought was possible. The Mode Ultra. Unbelievably powerful. Impossibly Fast.


  • Thin low drag profile to generate forward thrust
  • Detachable aerodynamic depower handle
  • Efficient high aspect ratio design relative to wing size
  • 3.5m reduced AR adds stability in the highest wind speeds
  • 6.5 reduced wingspan prevents tip strike
  • VMG-optimised design to pinch higher and reach deeper
  • Rigid and direct to feel every micro-gust
  • Glide through lulls with ease     
  • Designed for use with a Wing Harness


  • Ultra stiff and durable N-Xi Canopy with impressive shape-hold      
  • N-Weave45 Airframe for lightweight torsional stiffness
  • Anti-deflection Carbon UDi Technology for global LE stiffness
  • Carbon GripLock Handles for lightweight and direct control

ITEM INCLUDES Wing, Carbon Wing Handles, Wrist Wing Leash, Bag, Compression Strap, Repair Kit 

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