LWR Freeride

Size: 150 x 46
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Light Wind Race - Freeride

Single concave throughout with pressed channels in the tips. Rocker is between 41 and 49mm depending in the size of the board. The outline is from many years of experience and feedback. A compounding curve through the standing area into the tips. Softer edges right at the tips for better release in turns and carves.

The flex of the board is engineered. There is a bump in the middle of the board on the deck peak of the core thickness taper. This keeps the rocker flatter between feet while riding and focuses the flex in the tips where it belongs.

The shape of the board makes it very versatile and user friendly as the rails taper at the tips and outline become straighter in the foot area. This allows for maximum bite and edging capabilities while remaining all round for any type of condition. Comfortable and smooth easy ride, it requires minimal effort. The flex and the pop of this board make it an all-purpose weapon, comfortable in freestyle and freeride riding while also being a hard hacker in the waves…

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