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SONAR S238: High Speed Stabilizer 

Flat, loose and fast. The S238 Stabilizer is a high-performance upgrade to the Sonar Foil System for experienced riders. It has a higher aspect ratio than the S270, which means less drag, and the flatter rondure (front view) enables more manoeuvrability. The S238 is designed to match the new MA1200/MA1500 and larger HA front wings, giving your setup a faster and more responsive feel.  The North stabs are mounted on top of the fuselage, which helps them to avoid turbulence from the flow of the front wing, creating a smoother ride. This top mounting also gives the rider an early breach warning - the stab pierces the water surface first, giving you a better chance of recovery before your front wing gets too high.  Like the Front Wings, all Sonar Stabilizers are pre-preg carbon construction, ensuring optimal stiffness and direct performance. The thin profile section reduces drag, while the material properties help maintain structural integrity and rigidity.  Stabs have a huge influence on performance. As you progress to smaller wing sizes, we recommend changing to a smaller stabilizer to be more manoeuvrable. Experienced riders will really feel the difference. A new tail can have a big impact on your style.


  • Easy recovery from surface breaching
  • Flat / loose / fast
  • Thinner profile
  • Higher aspect ratio


  • Carbon Pre-preg
  • Titanium Screws



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