Nova Wing - 2023

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The 2023 Nova generates impressive forward drive and upwind performance, feels more balanced, more stable and has a bigger wind range than ever. We've refined our third generation Performance Freeride wing for even greater efficiency and easy handling. Tighter canopy tensioning, reduced wingtip size and a smoother, more rounded leading edge means enhanced stability in the top end and boosted low end power. Ideal for new riders and seasoned pros.

- Lighter overall weights
- Tighter canopy tensioning
- Refined layout with additional panels and LE segments
- Reduced wingtip size for drift stability
- Set individual inflation pressures for strut and LE
- Intuitive rigid GripLock handles
- Effortless trailering for riding swell
- Efficient upwind
- Optimised window positioning and size
- New bump guards for critical high wear areas

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