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The DSD Kite Control Bar has easily become industry standard in the past years. Look closely at the simplicity and you will find many the same features in most other brands. But who started this original design many years ago? Thats right, Dano chief designer and founder of DSD has patents of this very system from over 10years ago. The 1 line flagging system, Qr release mechanism and depower features are all fine tuned and perfected over many years. 

The DSD SC Bar comes in 4 sizes – 45cm, 50cm, 55cm and 60cm

* Moulded EVA grip – 2mm raised sections for comfort and control light weight at your finger tips. 
* Fully moulded EVA Bar ends – Soft, lightweight and floatational 
* QR – Passes all standards and still the most easiest release on the market to date – 5kg release load @ 500kg load *Single line flagging system – The original design and still the best. 
* Adjustable harness loop 
* Moulded dick (removable) 
* Teufelburger lines – FL-9 Fronts for safety and NO STRETCH, FL-10 rear lines, less drag and light weight NO STRETCH *PU covered depower rope – No wear 
* Clam cleat adjustable depower system – Bungee recoils over hang system 
* 22m Standard line lengths, 3m and 5m extensions are available


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